Ashcraft Aero Works
Plans, Parts, Kits, and Designs for Homebuilt Aircraft
Ashcraft Aero Works, Inc. provides the aircraft homebuilder with the DR-109, DR-108 and other exciting new designs, parts for the DR-107, and engineering for many aerospace projects.  

Prototype DR-109 by original designers and builders

DR-109 SPECIFICATIONS (from the Prototype)
Length: 22 ft 0 in 
Wingspan: 24 ft 0 in
Wing area: 114.00 sq ft 
Empty weight: 1,495 lb
Gross weight: 2,275 lb
Powerplant: AEIO-540-D4A
Maximum speed: 205 mph
Cruise speed: 178 mph
Stall speed: 58 mph
Range: 534 mi
Rate of climb: 2,800 ft/min